Monday, March 21, 2016

Why do people have Salt Chlorine Generators installed in their hot tubs and swim spas?

Salt Chlorine Generators  (SCG) are becoming quite popular in portable Hot Tubs, Spas, Swim Spas as well as Pools.

Our customers like the easy maintenance, the convenience, the comfort and the savings that a Salt Chlorine Generator provides.

Minimizes Maintenance – When you have a Salt Chlorine generator installed in your hot tub or swim spa all you have to do is balance your water chemistry, add the recommended amount of salt for your application and the Salt Chlorine Generator does the rest! It’s that easy and simple!  It is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Comfort – Most people like the benefits of having softer, silkier water that doesn’t itch their skin or make their eyes get red, and there is no smell with a Salt Chlorine Generator.

Cost/ Savings – The cost of a Salt Chlorine Generator system is minimal compared to the amount of money you would spend on spa chemicals in a year.  After having a Salt Chlorine Generator installed you will notice a huge savings in regards to purchasing spa chemicals.  If you have a Salt Chlorine Generator system in your hot tub or swim spa just add the recommended amount of salt after you drain or clean your spa, hot tub, or swim spa, a 40 lbs bag of salt is inexpensive and goes a long way.

Honey Spas offers Salt Chlorine Generators on all of our new custom manufactured portable hot tubs and swim spas.  The systems we use are good for hot tubs up to 1,200 gallons and for large vessels such as a swim spa we will install two systems if needed.  They produce .048 lbs of chlorine per day and are designed to operate in low salt conditions as low as 1,000ppm.

The systems we use is called Spa Pilot, they come with digital displays, push buttons controls, a boost button and LED indicator.  You can look at your indicator to tell whether your hot tub or swim spa is low or too high on salt and adjust easily, built in diagnostics help you program your Salt Chlorine Generator system with ease.

At Honey Spas we can install a new Salt Chlorine Generator on your current hot tub or swim spa (we service all makes and models) for the same price we install on our new manufactured hot tubs.  If you would like more information on how Honey Spas can install a new Salt Chlorine Generator in your hot tub or swim spa contact us at 610-856-6051.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hot Tubs, Hydrotherapy and LED Lighting Chromatherapy can help improve your mind, body and soul

Did you know that Chromatherapy could help relax your mind, body and spirit in a hot tub with the use of colored lighting?  As part of hydrotherapy in a hot tub, colored lighting (LED Lighting) can help calm and rejuvenate your body and it can react to certain colors in positive ways to ease your pain, affect your mood and alleviate pressures of everyday life.

When using LED Lighting in your hot tub these colors can help do the following:
Red: brings warmth and energy and stimulation.  The color Orange has a freeing action upon the body and mind.  Yellow, helps strengthen the nerves and the mind and stimulates higher mentality.   Green: is the balance and harmony in essence and possesses a soothing influence of peace and tranquility upon the mind and body.
Blue: Cools down inflammation and fever, high blood pressure and helps emit a sense of calm and well-being and emotions.  Purple: Can help bring on sleep and soothe mental and emotional stress and also helps in detoxification, as well as boosts sex drive.  White helps perfect harmony and balance. And Pink helps heal greif and sadness and restores youthfulness.

Honey Spas custom manufacturers portable hot tubs and swim spas with LED Lighting, we offer many LED options with a touch of a button.  You can push the light button several times to illuminate your spa/ hot tub with a variety of relaxing colors that stay on one specific color or you can enhance your lighting but pressing to switch to a variety of LED Lighting settings, from a mode of changing colors in a sequence such as Blues, greens and purples to name one, and there is a party mode which has a strobe of colors flashing quickly.

What ever your color choice or mood, sitting in a Honey Spa hot tub with LED lighting is healthy and enjoyable for everyone.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

The definition of Hydrotherapy – the use of exercises in a pool, swim spa, or hot tub as part of treatments for conditions such as arthritis or sore muscles to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.

Some benefits to hot tub hydrotherapy: heat, buoyancy, and massage.

The heat in a hot tub or swim spa can help raise your body temperature to increase circulation.  The temperature of water can stimulate the immune system.  A Honey Swim Spa or Honey Spa is an excellent source for reducing stress and stimulating the circulatory system.
Cooler water in a swim spa can help reduce inflammation.

Buoyancy – when sitting in a hot tub your body weighs less and can relieve pressure on your joints and muscles.

Massage – Hot tub massaging jets can help relieve tension in the muscles and joints, temporarily relive aches and pains and decrease stress and anxiety and give the body total relaxation.
Soaking in a Honey Swim Spa or Honey Spa that has lots of massaging jets can allow your body to relax, breathe in the steam and soothe sore muscles, by directing the jets to pressure points on the body with in the hot tub. Honey Spas customizes all of its hot tubs and swim spas to meet our customers needs especially the persons who require Hydrotherapy needs, we place and install massaging jets where our customers need them most.

Monday, September 14, 2015

This is why you should buy a hot tub today!

This is why you should buy a hot tub today!

Purchasing a hot tub is a large investment; you want to make sure you get the right hot tub that meets your needs, and family’s budget.

Here are some of the reasons a hot tub is a good investment:
·      Relaxation
·      Year Round Use
·      Requires less space
·      A great way to spend time with the family
·      Easy to maintain

Relaxation- A hot tub will provide warm circulating water to soothe away your tired, achy and sore muscles after a long day of work, gardening or sport activities to name a few.  Hot tubs can be a great stress reliever.  They also boost circulation and accelerate the body’s natural healing process.  

A warm hot soak in your hot tub before bed will also help relax your body, mind and aid in better sleep.

The hot water from a hot tub dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissues. By being buoyant (floating) in a hot tub your body weight is reduced 90%, by relieving pressure on joints and muscles.

After a soak in your hot tub you will be refreshed, relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

Year Round Use – One of the greatest advantages of a hot tub, is that you can use it year round.  Enjoy an evening under the stars on a cool evening or soothe away sore muscles after shoveling snow on a cold winters day as you watch the snow falling.

You can also turn down the temperature on your hot tub below 98.6 degrees and have a cool tub with circulating water in the heat of the summer.

Requires less space – Another advantage to a hot tub is it requires less space as well as maintenance, compared to a swimming pool, especially one with a salt water system installed.   If your hot tub is a portable hot tub you can also move it from one location to another. Moving to a new home you would be able to take your spa with you, for example.

A Great Way to Spend Time with your Family - With today’s busy schedules, families sometimes don’t even have time to eat dinner together.  However, families with hot tubs will find that spending time together in a hot tub brings them closer and your kids will love hanging out with you and this also allows more time for spouses to spend quality time together instead of sitting on a couch and watching TV!

Easy to Maintain – Taking care of a hot tub is not that hard.  In order to keep your hot tub in perfect condition all you need to do is a few easy maintenance tasks on a regular basis, this will increase your enjoyment and add years to the life of your hot tub.
·      Sanitation
·      Clean Filters
·      Drain, Clean and Refill
·      Hot Tub Cover
Sanitation:  Your hot tub should be sanitized properly once a week with granular chlorine or Bromine. Simply check your test strips periodically to make sure your levels are where they need to be.

Clean Filters: To maintain the life of your filters you should clean them once a month depending on usage or change them out when you drain your hot tub.
Start by spraying them with a garden hose, and go in between each pleat to remove debris, you can also soak your filter in a bucket of warm water and bleach or use a spa filter cleaner sold at your local hot tub store.

Drain, Clean and Refill - Your hot tub water will not stay clean forever even with chemicals added.  When your hot tub starts to get cloudy and the water doesn’t feel right, its time to drain, clean and refill your hot tub.
It is recommended to drain your hot tub every 3 months depending on usage.

Hot Tub Covers - Hot tub covers are essential for maintaining heat.  They keep the heat in and debris out.  You can protect the life of your spa cover by cleaning it with a spa cover protectant to help it with stand the elements.